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Production meetings at the Gottesman Video Collective 

Production meetings are central to our video-making process at GVC. Without them, many of us we wouldn't know half as much about video production as we do! These Monday morning meetings are a time to talk about the videos published the previous week, discuss what worked and what didn't, share tips on how to do …

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Storyboard – Where Spam Comes From  ☆

This is the half-finished storyboard from the Where Spam Comes From episode. Once again, an episode that was going to rely heavily on specific camera angles for a good effect. (more…)

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Lesson Resources – Near and Far 

This episode discusses DEEP FOCUS. Orson Welles was a master of deep focus, and you can learn a little more about how he used it in Citizen Kane from this great viewer's companion written by film critic Roger Ebert. (more…)

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Production: Faking a webcam  ☆

One of the original ideas for the show was that Weena and Erna would be filming it on their webcam, at least part of the time. In a bunch of early episodes -- the pilot, early responses, Yell and Sell, Hot Gossip, and the first version of the Snopes video -- there are sections with …

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Storyboards – Secondary Sexual Characteristics 

I thought visuals would be key to making it clear what we were talking about in this episode. So I had a very clear picture for how I wanted it to look. I sketched out storyboards to more clearly communicate to Nick, who was doing the cinematography. My drawing isn't great -- if it had …

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