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Lost Episode – For Teh Lulz, Take 1 

We shot For Teh Lulz three times before we had a version we thought was worth airing. Even though it was short, it was incredibly difficult to shoot. Weena's long monologue had to be captured in a single take. That was hard not only because it's hard to hold up a puppet for a long …

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Lost Episode – N0M Greenscreen Challenge 

At long last, here is the episode about the National 0rganization for Marriage's "Gathering Storm" ad, which YouTube took down. We discuss this episode, and why it was taken down, in our What's Fair Use? episode. (more…)

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Lost Episode – What Is A URL?  ☆

Sometimes we make videos which just don't cut it. Most bad scripts get caught at the scriptwriting stage, and we change them until they work, but sometimes we get done shooting an episode and realize it's just not as funny or informative as we thought. This happened with the What Is A URL episode -- …

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