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Rough cut – My First Fursuit Video 

This is a rough cut of the episode where Weena tries on the fursuit she's made for the first time. What differences can you find between this cut and the final version? How does the meaning of the episode seem to change between the two edits of this episode? Why do you think we made …

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Resources – Weena Comes Out, My First Fursuit Video 

Some resources we post here are more for educators' edification. Sometimes these are pop- or Internet-culture things we expect students may know about, but educators might not; sometimes these are to help guide you on more sensitive subjects which you might be concerned about presenting in the classroom. Obviously, these are resources you might share …

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Viral video: Which communities work? 

In the fall of 2009, Abby, Gus, and social networking intern Lindsay sat down to discuss outreach. We decided to follow a "watch where you are" strategy, trying to reach viewers where they were already viewing, sharing, critiquing, and remaking videos with their friends. But which communities would best support the kind of interaction we …

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Viral video: Subscribers 

YouTube gives you a lot of different kinds of ways to relate to viewers and other YouTube users. You can be friends, subscribe, or just view. When you subscribe to a channel, that channel's videos show up in a "feed" along with other channels you subscribe to. It's almost like having your own TV channel …

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Viral video: Viral memes 

We tried a few strategies to get our videos more attention. Elsewhere we've talked about our short, funny "public service announcement" videos. The thinking with those was that people would want to send them to other people, and we'd get viewed that way. With a few other videos, we tried to be more "findable" instead …

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My First Fursuit Video – The Media Show 

Weena shows off the fursuit she made. Furry Pride! VOTE FOR US AS "BEST NEW SHOW" IN THE STREAMYS! Oh and -- click the yellow "subscribe" button above to hear about new episodes :) Or join our Facebook group for weekly updates:

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