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Lesson Resources – Greenwashing 

This episode focuses on two sites, (a Consumer Reports site), and Sins Of Greenwashing (which belongs to an "environmental marketing firm" -- you tell us where they stand on this topic). The former is great for research; the latter has some interactive content. (more…)

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Puppet design: Giving Weena and Erna makeovers 

You may have noticed that Weena and Erna look different between the House Party episode and the Greenwashing episode -- between the summer and fall 2009 seasons. We gave them makeovers! This wasn't just to make them prettier, though; there were some practical reasons why we did it. (more…)

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Greenwashing – The Media Show 

Peaceful natural scenes! Cute babies driving into the sunset! All is not as it seems in "green" ads. We do our best to uphold the high standards of advertisers who'd like you to believe they're environmentally friendly. Click the yellow "subscribe" button above to hear about new episodes! Or join our Facebook group for …

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