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Lesson Resources – House Party 

While this episode explores the possibilities of how "house party"-style advertising campaigns could be disrupted, it doesn't go into too much depth on what these sites are. Check out HouseParty or SheSpeaks for a closer look at agencies and companies using these strategies. Which kinds of companies seem most interested in marketing this way? Who …

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Script – House Party 

There are times when we use storyboards to plan an episode, but there are times when we don't need to plan every shot quite so carefully, or we can't plan. At those other times, we've taken to to writing up a three-column page which indicates what we'll see on screen (sometimes including screen shots or …

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Lesson Resources – Product Placement 

Advertising Age magazine is a great resource for learning more about specific tactics the ad industry uses. We recommend using these articles to help students attend to the specific tactics advertisers think will work, the way they think about their audiences, and the language they use to describe their work. Here's a ton of articles …

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Viral video: Subscribers 

YouTube gives you a lot of different kinds of ways to relate to viewers and other YouTube users. You can be friends, subscribe, or just view. When you subscribe to a channel, that channel's videos show up in a "feed" along with other channels you subscribe to. It's almost like having your own TV channel …

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Puppet design: Giving Weena and Erna makeovers 

You may have noticed that Weena and Erna look different between the House Party episode and the Greenwashing episode -- between the summer and fall 2009 seasons. We gave them makeovers! This wasn't just to make them prettier, though; there were some practical reasons why we did it. (more…)

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Whoops! – House Party 

Things go wrong on a shoot sometimes -- it's a fact of life. What do you think went wrong with the church scenes in House Party? Click "more" for the answer... (more…)

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House Party – The Media Show 

Click the yellow "subscribe" button above to hear about new episodes! Or join our Facebook group for weekly updates: Erna discovers that advertisers will send her freebies if she holds a "house party" in the longest Media Show episode yet! Thrill to the uses we find for 200 free hot dogs! Guest starring …

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