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Lesson Resources: Online Predators 

We're not just playing around in this episode: we checked our sources and did the math ourselves to be sure we were correctly representing the Help Delete Online Predators ads and their critics. You can check our sources too: Livescience has a great writeup and review of the reports on online predators which were initially …

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Viral video: Amplification 

As we've tried to get publicity for the show we've learned that 1) it's seriously hard to get a video to "go viral," and 2) each video spreads across the Internet in a different pattern. Our two most successful videos are the Online Predators and Evil Interfaces videos. They've been seen by the most people, …

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Viral video: Titles and keywords 

Right now, keywords are the meat and potatoes of finding videos online. Search engines right now only keep track of written words online -- they cannot see patterns (like moving people, words, light and shadow, etc) in videos, like people can, and they're mostly not searching for patterns in sounds or pictures, either. Because search …

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Online Predators – The Media Show 

You've probably seen ads saying one in five children is sexually solicited online. Well, the ad campaign is lying about its statistics. We get serious and talk about the problems with keeping kids offline because of our fear of predators. Click the yellow "subscribe" button above to hear about new episodes! Or join our …

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