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One Year On: A Report  ☆

When The Media Show had been in production for about a year, AfterEd TV's managers asked me to write up a summary of the past year. This was what I wrote, covering production, publicity, and distribution. Note that our take on YouTube and deviantArt has changed in the year since. Look at the episodes before …

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Lesson Resources: Introducing the Intern, Netiquette, What’s In A Flame  ☆

There are some unspoken rules of the Internet which ought to be spoken about more often. Our episodes about netiquette and chain mail try to explain why certain behaviors online which may seem harmless actually make using the Internet a lot more unpleasant for others. You may think chain letters are harmless fun -- who …

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Viral video: Titles and keywords 

Right now, keywords are the meat and potatoes of finding videos online. Search engines right now only keep track of written words online -- they cannot see patterns (like moving people, words, light and shadow, etc) in videos, like people can, and they're mostly not searching for patterns in sounds or pictures, either. Because search …

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Viral video: Things you could send Aunt Mabel 

Some Media Show episodes, like the Online Predators, Jingles All The Way, and Secondary Sexual Characteristics episodes, are pretty edgy. Edgy videos might get sent around among people who like that kind of thing, but the really successful viral videos are the ones which can be accepted by a general audience -- the ones you …

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Netiquette Public Service Announcement – The Media Show 

We know you like sharing. That's good! Just, please don't share so many forwards. We don't care if they're funny pictures, or safety warnings, or chain letters, or inspiring or heartbreaking stories. They're like email junk mail. Have more heart-to-hearts instead! Remember, Erna and Weena love you. Don't be a stranger now, y'hear? Click …

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