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Lesson Resources – Snopes Before You Send 

Just two resources for this video -- and We can't recommend them highly enough! Established in 1995, Snopes is run by Barbara and David Mikkelson, two folklorists and web developers who keep the site focused not only on Internet hoaxes, forwards, and rumors, but also urban legends. is run by the Annenberg …

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Before and After: Snopes  ☆

There were a few videos we shot more than once. For instance, we made two versions of the Snopes Before You Send episode. We improvised the first version, without a script. It turned out ok, but we thought it was an important enough message that we decided to do it again, with a better script …

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Production: Faking a webcam  ☆

One of the original ideas for the show was that Weena and Erna would be filming it on their webcam, at least part of the time. In a bunch of early episodes -- the pilot, early responses, Yell and Sell, Hot Gossip, and the first version of the Snopes video -- there are sections with …

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Snopes Before You Send (Original) – Media Show 

A very important public service announcement from Erna and Weena, with a message you will want to share with your mom, your grandparents, your paranoid uncles, and that one co-worker who doesn't understand how not to "CC all." SUBSCRIBE to hear about new episodes! Click the yellow "subscribe" button above. Join our Facebook group …

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