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Lesson Resources – Pilot 

While most of the resources in this case study are intended to help you train students, the resources listed below aim to help you think about what is important when you teach media literacy. They can also help your students think about their own perspectives on the media. When we talk about media literacy, questions …

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Script – Pilot 

Here are two drafts of the script for the pilot. Compare them to what actually gets said in the episode. How is it different? Why do you think changes were made? How do the changes make the characters sound different? Notice that one of the changes was adding a part where the puppets address a …

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Production: Faking a webcam  ☆

One of the original ideas for the show was that Weena and Erna would be filming it on their webcam, at least part of the time. In a bunch of early episodes -- the pilot, early responses, Yell and Sell, Hot Gossip, and the first version of the Snopes video -- there are sections with …

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Pilot – The Media Show 

The best place to stage a takedown of the advertising industry is hiding behind the mops in an ad agency storage closet. GET WIN! SUBSCRIBE to hear about new episodes! Click the yellow "subscribe" button above. Join our Facebook group for weekly updates!

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