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Lesson Resources – Hot Gossip  ☆

There was a sort of reverse psychology to the bad reviews Gossip Girl got, and the people promoting the show knew it. The article in that link talks about the ad campaign for the show which we showed in the episode. Initially, we wanted to include advertiser Martin Lindstrom's observations about how "realistic" details like …

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Viral video: Amplification 

As we've tried to get publicity for the show we've learned that 1) it's seriously hard to get a video to "go viral," and 2) each video spreads across the Internet in a different pattern. Our two most successful videos are the Online Predators and Evil Interfaces videos. They've been seen by the most people, …

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Viral video: Which communities work? 

In the fall of 2009, Abby, Gus, and social networking intern Lindsay sat down to discuss outreach. We decided to follow a "watch where you are" strategy, trying to reach viewers where they were already viewing, sharing, critiquing, and remaking videos with their friends. But which communities would best support the kind of interaction we …

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Viral video: Subscribers 

YouTube gives you a lot of different kinds of ways to relate to viewers and other YouTube users. You can be friends, subscribe, or just view. When you subscribe to a channel, that channel's videos show up in a "feed" along with other channels you subscribe to. It's almost like having your own TV channel …

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Viral video: Titles and keywords 

Right now, keywords are the meat and potatoes of finding videos online. Search engines right now only keep track of written words online -- they cannot see patterns (like moving people, words, light and shadow, etc) in videos, like people can, and they're mostly not searching for patterns in sounds or pictures, either. Because search …

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