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Syntax Terror – The Media Show  ☆

Email goes horribly astray when the new intern tries to help Weena with her... hamster problem. Lesson learned: You never know whose hands your message will fall into if you spell that address wrong. Even spell check can't save you.

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What is a hacker? with Emmanuel Goldstein – The Media Show 

When someone says they are a hacker, what do they mean? Are they a criminal? Do they have 31337 c0d!ng sk!11z (and do they have to write like that)? Is someone who runs a script to put graffiti on a website a hacker? Are Anonymous hackers because they can code? Erna asks Emmanuel Goldstein, …

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Lesson Resources – Twittering With Blaine Cook 

Blaine Cook continues to think hard about future directions for social media. You can follow his thoughts at his blog or Twitter stream . We particularly liked his post Facebook Is My New Boatcar, a discussion of Facebook's privacy, interface, and applications which generated a lot of commentary in the community.

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Lesson Resources – Get Outta MySpace 

This episode was inspired by the chilling lecture "Privacy Is Dead, Get Over It" given by private investigator Steve Rambam at The Last HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference in 2008. An audio file of Rambam's three-hour lecture is available for free, but we highly recommend buying the DVD of the lecture, as it is …

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Online Predators – The Media Show 

You've probably seen ads saying one in five children is sexually solicited online. Well, the ad campaign is lying about its statistics. We get serious and talk about the problems with keeping kids offline because of our fear of predators. Click the yellow "subscribe" button above to hear about new episodes! Or join our …

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