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What is Language Localization? – The Media Show 

#487 in The Media Show's ongoing series about weird media jobs you've never heard of. We bring you these interviews for a few reasons: First, because people who understand what goes into making the media are smarter consumers of media. Second, because many kids who want to go into the media don't know about …

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Production meetings at the Gottesman Video Collective 

Production meetings are central to our video-making process at GVC. Without them, many of us we wouldn't know half as much about video production as we do! These Monday morning meetings are a time to talk about the videos published the previous week, discuss what worked and what didn't, share tips on how to do …

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Lesson Resources – Product Placement 

Advertising Age magazine is a great resource for learning more about specific tactics the ad industry uses. We recommend using these articles to help students attend to the specific tactics advertisers think will work, the way they think about their audiences, and the language they use to describe their work. Here's a ton of articles …

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Lesson Resources – The Poop on Working in TV; Product Placement 

At The Media Show, we want people to know more about the jobs which are really available, and attainable, in the media industries. Not the jobs they choose to show you on reality shows; not the high-profile producers you see in interviews or at the Oscars. Some of the jobs, like Bryan's, are really weird, …

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