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Production meetings at the Gottesman Video Collective 

Production meetings are central to our video-making process at GVC. Without them, many of us we wouldn't know half as much about video production as we do! These Monday morning meetings are a time to talk about the videos published the previous week, discuss what worked and what didn't, share tips on how to do …

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Learning Video Production – Introduction 

Few people would disagree that learning video production requires a great deal of hands-on experience and time spent learning the craft from more experienced producers. It may not be the only thing a person needs to know to make video, but there's a reason why internships and PA work have long been a part of …

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Lesson Resources – Near and Far 

This episode discusses DEEP FOCUS. Orson Welles was a master of deep focus, and you can learn a little more about how he used it in Citizen Kane from this great viewer's companion written by film critic Roger Ebert. (more…)

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Puppet design: Giving Weena and Erna makeovers 

You may have noticed that Weena and Erna look different between the House Party episode and the Greenwashing episode -- between the summer and fall 2009 seasons. We gave them makeovers! This wasn't just to make them prettier, though; there were some practical reasons why we did it. (more…)

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Near and Far – The Media Show 

We are NOT flat! Have you not seen our MySpace photos? Oh. Well, maybe when it comes to depth of field... SUBSCRIBE to support the show! Or follow us where you usually hang out. Look for our back episodes as a weekly iTunes video podcast! Or as a standard RSS feed weekly video podcast! …

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