Whoops! – House Party

Things go wrong on a shoot sometimes — it’s a fact of life. What do you think went wrong with the church scenes in House Party? Click “more” for the answer…

We recorded the audio for Marilyn and the puppets separately from the camera on a sound recorder, as we often do. This makes it so we can have separate microphones for more than two people.

Unfortunately, we lost the sound from the sound recorder. To this day we can’t figure out where it went! Either it got deleted, or we thought we were recording when we weren’t and vice versa.

This left us only with the sound recorded by the camera. Some very important lines by Erna and Marilyn could barely be heard. There were people washing dishes and laughing in the background! What could we do to fix it?

First we tried running the audio through noise filters in Soundtrack Pro. This helped a little, but Erin decided it was still too hard to hear.

Our last-ditch effort was giving Marilyn and the puppets cartoony speech bubbles in Motion. It wouldn’t work on a news show, but because we work with puppets we figured we could get away with it.

What do you think of this solution? What else could we have done to solve the problem, if filters didn’t help?