Storyboards – Secondary Sexual Characteristics

I thought visuals would be key to making it clear what we were talking about in this episode. So I had a very clear picture for how I wanted it to look. I sketched out storyboards to more clearly communicate to Nick, who was doing the cinematography.

My drawing isn’t great — if it had been better, I might have had an easier time communicating that I wanted Nick to shoot right into the front of the projector. As it was, I had to explain that verbally. Between the verbal description and the terrible sketch, I got the look I wanted.

Matt, who was helping, pointed out that this was the exact same shot used on Pee Wee’s Playhouse back in the day, at the beginning of the King of Cartoons segments! I guess I must have been channeling that.

(NOTE: This video was a parody of sex education videos, so the episode and the storyboard contain images which one might see in a sex education video. Proceed with caution.)