Resources – Viewer Mailbag! Photoshop, Stickers, Poster Boy

Some resources we post here are more for educators’ edification. Sometimes these are pop- or Internet-culture things we expect students may know about, but educators might not; sometimes these are to help guide you on more sensitive subjects which you might be concerned about presenting in the classroom. Obviously, these are resources you might share with your students, too, if you wish!

Poster Boy (that’s a Flickr photo stream representing his work) is a grafitti artist in New York City who is known for cutting up the large vinyl sticker-like ads in the subways, and rearranging them to make new messages. We think his ideas resonate with The Media Show, though we know some educators will feel less comfortable about appearing to endorse vandalism. Poster Boy has, in fact, had brushes with the law.

This might be a good time for reflection: What are the ethics of vandalism when one party (advertisers) can pay millions of dollars to get their message across in a public place, while others cannot afford to get their messages across in that forum? Is Poster Boy’s work vandalism, or is it art? How about the work ofstreet artist De La Vega, who often works in chalk and has also been convicted of vandalism?