Resources – Theme Song

Some resources we post here are more for educators’ edification. Sometimes these are pop- or Internet-culture things we expect students may know about, but educators might not; sometimes these are to help guide you on more sensitive subjects which you might be concerned about presenting in the classroom. Obviously, these are resources you might share with your students, too, if you wish!

The word in this episode which we think might confuse a few people is filking. No, it’s not as bad as you think. “Filking” is a word which comes from science fiction fan communities; it means writing folk songs about your favorite shows or books, or about the experience of being a fan.

Obviously, Weena finds it deeply embarrassing, while Erna doesn’t see what the big deal is. For more thoughts on why one might want to take science fiction fans more seriously, we suggest scholar Henry Jenkins’s perspectives on the topic, particularly his book Textual Poachers.