Lost Episode – For Teh Lulz, Take 1

We shot For Teh Lulz three times before we had a version we thought was worth airing. Even though it was short, it was incredibly difficult to shoot. Weena’s long monologue had to be captured in a single take. That was hard not only because it’s hard to hold up a puppet for a long time, and because you can’t edit out mistakes easily, but from an acting perspective it takes a lot of careful work to build up drama in a long monologue and keep it from getting flat and boring.

The biggest difference between these takes, which are from our second shoot, and the final version is that we shot them on a totally different set. In fact, we greenscreened the final version. The fifth-season greenscreen set had a taller table and much more room to move around behind it. That meant Gus could walk while she was puppeteering, rather than moving Weena around from a sitting position. There were other changes too, though. We also shortened the script.

What are the effects of the changes in the final version, in terms of puppeteering, acting, lighting, greenscreen, and script? How does the depth of field change when we switch to greenscreen? How do you think that looks?

How does the addition of music change the episode? How do you think this episode was effective in communicating its message — which parts worked and which didn’t? What other changes would you make?