Lesson Resources – Selling You

A resource we really love on this topic is the “The Product Is You” section of the New York Times Magazine’s Murketing blog. The section contains many more examples of “selling” an audience to potential ad placers. Compare a few of them — how are different audiences being talked about? What about them is being emphasized?

The Wall Street Journal has written up Oxygen’s strategies in “selling” their audience to potential ad placers (if you cannot reach the full article, we recommend looking it up in Lexis-Nexus at your library); they note another ad in which a “trender/spender/recommender” like woman one in the ads we show is compared to an older, “dumpier” woman who is supposedly not Oxygen’s audience. AdAge maintains a profile of the Oxygen network and other networks for its readers. Our favorite line in the profile? “When advertisers buy Oxygen, they’re buying valuable consumers with the capacity to not only buy their products but also be a mouthpiece for their brand message.” Hey, you said it — we don’t even have to!