Lesson Resources – House Party

While this episode explores the possibilities of how “house party”-style advertising campaigns could be disrupted, it doesn’t go into too much depth on what these sites are. Check out HouseParty or SheSpeaks for a closer look at agencies and companies using these strategies. Which kinds of companies seem most interested in marketing this way? Who do they think their audiences are?

For more on why advertisers like the house party tactic in a recession, read Advertising Age’s article Direct Sellers Happy to Toe the Party Line. (If you can’t see the whole thing, try using Lexis-Nexus at your library.)

Also see the resources for the Product Placement episode; there is more discussion there of Ford’s American Idol campaigns (among the House Parties we threw in this episode), and some discussion of how TiVo is changing the landscape for those who used to advertise on TV, forcing advertising agencies to try more extreme strategies like these.