Lesson Resources – Get Outta MySpace

This episode was inspired by the chilling lecture “Privacy Is Dead, Get Over It” given by private investigator Steve Rambam at The Last HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference in 2008. An audio file of Rambam’s three-hour lecture is available for free, but we highly recommend buying the DVD of the lecture, as it is very dependent on visuals he refers to throughout. If we were to recommend one resource on privacy to educators everywhere, this would be it. It is highly informative and presented in a simple, non-technical way by a professional who knows far more about how to find information than your average journalist. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse can also provide information about online privacy issues.

We also highly recommend lawyer Eben Moglen’s energizing speech at NYU about why we shouldn’t be entrusting any information to Facebook, and should even reconsider entrusting our information to Google’s ever-growing suite of online applications. Moglen argues that the original idea behind the Internet — the distribution of servers in order to survive attacks on centralized servers — has been compromised by sites like Facebook and new ideas like “cloud computing,” and recommends instead that everyone should be running their own server in their own house. Watch his Software Freedom Law Center site for updates about the “freedom box” server project he describes in this speech.

We refer to a number of other sites and technical considerations in this episode. These include: